Success at Sefton Sixth Form College

At Sefton Sixth Form College, we have been ranked in the top 10% of colleges in the country for A-level progress, in league tables published by the Government in 2019. Here are some of our recent success stories...

Blake Jones

Sefton Sixth Form College has given confidence and belief in myself and I look forward to what the next chapter holds.

Results: A* A A English Literature, Psychology, Art
Currently: Studying English at the University of Liverpool

Emily Watts

When I opened my results I couldn’t quite believe it. I will miss everyone but I am ready for the challenge of university.

Results: A* A* A Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science
Currently: Studying Computer Science at the University of Liverpool

Sophie Schofield

The last few years have been hard at times but I am lucky to have been supported by amazing tutors.

Results: A* A B Psychology, Sociology and Criminology Applied Diploma
Currently: Studying Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University

Jessica Lam

You are allowed and encouraged to be independent, which really helped my transition university.

Results: A* A* A Biology, Chemistry, Pyschology
Currently: Studying for a degree in Medicine at Hull York Medical School

Lily-Anna Williams

My time at Sefton Sixth Form College has been amazing and I want to thank everyone at the college who has supported me over the last two years.

Results: A A B Criminology, English Literature, History
Currently: Studying Creative Writing and English Literature at Edge Hill University

Sam Griffiths

I've been fortunate to have exceptional tutors and a wonderful circle of friends whilst at Sefton Sixth Form College. The whole experience has been amazing.

Results: A A B English Literature, History and Film
Currently: Studying History at the University of Manchester

Rosie McGarry

The dedication of the tutors here is unparalleled, and whilst I'll miss everyone, I'm eager to embrace the challenges awaiting me in university.

Results: A A D* Criminology, Sociology, BTEC Health and Social Care
Currently: Studying Law with Criminology at Liverpool University

Matthew Middleton

The support given to me at Sefton Sixth Form College and the confidence I have gained is going to help me during the next three years at university. A big thank you to everyone.

Results: A A B Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Currently: Studying Aerospace Engineering at Liverpool University